Learn to Sail

Training is delivered by our team of volunteer RYA qualified instructors. Our aim is to get the complete novice on the water, having fun and sailing safely. By the end of the course students should feel confident enough to take themselves sailing without experienced help.  Please  email enquiries regarding training to tonbridge.training@yahoo.com

Training Facility

Tonbridge Town Sailing Club is an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Training Centre, and offers the internationally recognised National and Youth sailing scheme courses. Courses are run on the water and within our clubhouse facility at Haysden Lake, Lower Haysden Lane, Tonbridge, Kent,
TN11 9BA.


Courses are run for club members only, under the overall control of the club's Training Principal.  We provide a minimum of one qualified instructor to every six students where single handed boats are used and one qualified instructor to every nine students where double handed boats are used (max of six boats.).

Class of 2018  -  Adult and Junior courses successfully completed!

Adult/Teenager Courses (RYA National Sailing Scheme Level 1 & 2)

The Level 1 courses are run over two days and the Level 2 courses also over two days. Level 1 is an introduction to sailing and by the end of the course you will be able to sail in light winds under supervision. By the end of the RYA Level 2 course, you should transform into a reasonably competent dinghy sailor. and be able to sail in light winds without supervision. Boats and bouyancy aids will be supplied for training purposes. We have four GP14s a Topper Omega, Topper Picos and a Laser. You are welcome to bring along your own boat if you have one.

Junior Courses (RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Stage 1 & 2)

The Stage 1 courses are run over two days and the Stage 2 courses also over two days.  The minimum age for junior courses is 8 years.  These courses are known also as 'Oppy' courses as they are generally sailed in Optimist Dinghies.  Boats and bouyancy aids will be supplied for training purposes.  We have seven Optimists, some Toppers and Picos available for older children if required.  Participation is subject to Juniors meeting certain conditions. You can read the conditions of participation by downloading the "Parental Consent & Participation Form" available from the DOWNLOADS section of this web site.

We recommend that you learn to sail in your own boat and are happy to give you any guidance before buying one. (It's worth checking our Sales/Wanted section of the web site as there may be a boat available.). There are a number of  club boats available for those who do not have their own boat.
The Stage 1 and Level 1 courses will be held over two Saturdays ,  6th &  13th June 2020.

Start Sailing Stage 1 (For Juniors) - By the end of this introductory course you will have a basic understanding of how a boat sails and some experience of steering and handling the boat. Stages 2, 3 and 4 will complete your introduction to the sport in easy steps. The cost of the course includes the following  RYA publications:  RYA Youth Sailing  Scheme Logbook and RYA Go Sailing!

Start Sailing Level 1 (For Adults) - This course provides a short introduction to sailing for novices. By the end of the course, participants will have a basic understanding of boat handling techniques and background knowledge.  The cost of the course  includes the following  RYA publications: RYA Start Sailing - Begineers Handbook and RYA National Sailing Scheme Syllabus & Logbook.

We hope that you will continue to sail in the time between the completion of Level 1/Stage 1 and the beginning of the Level 2/Stage 2 course.
The Stage 2 and Level 2 courses will be held over two Saturdays in September.  12th & 19th September 2020.

Start Sailing Stage 2 (For Juniors) - By the end of this course you will have a range of sailing skills  and background knowledge, and be well on the way to being a confident small boat sailor. The cost of both the junior Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses is £150.00.

Basic Skills Level 2 (For Adults) - On completion of this course, the successful sailor will be safety conscious, have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds. The cost of both the Level 1 and Level 2 adult courses is £150.00.

To Book Your Place

Please note that firstly you will need to be a club member to join a sailing course at TTSC .  Membership and enrollment forms for both adult and junior courses can be downloaded using the link below. Enrollment forms detail the costs and dates associated with each course and should be completed/returned to the training administrator. 

Please note: Due to the quality and great value TTSC training courses offer, both Adult and Junior courses fill up very quickly. Therefore it is essential to check availability with the training administrator before returning your completed enrollment form.  Email: tonbridge.training@yahoo.com
All the above forms can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.